Steer Bag – Comfort

Elegant and practical steer bag, to safely store the belongings you want to take on the road.

  • Incl. Around ACE Handlebar Holder
  • Incl. Rain cover with reflection
  • Incl. adjustable Shoulderbelt
  • Waterproof Zipper
  • Tablet Compartment



Including rain cover

Prepared to the test of changing weather conditions: early spring dawn, heavy autumn showers, or cold winter days.

Tablet compartment

Made to carry

The shell goes all the way from the front to the back and offers protection for the goods you want to take on the road.

Easy clip-on and off

With Around ACE holder

The steer bag can be taken off with ease to bring it with you wherever you like. The lock prevents someone from taking it from your bike during the ride.

Reflecting stitches

The bag has reflecting stitches from top till bottom to keep you save at night.

Waterproof zipper

The bag has an extra internal pocket for keys, papers or phone with a waterproof zipper.

Including Around ACE Handlebar Holder



H28*L15*W22 cm






Around ACE Handlebar Holder for tube Ø from 22,2 up to 31,8 mm




Incl. adjustable shoulder belt

Care Tips

Easy to clean

Our products are made to resist every weather condition, the fabrics are water-resistant and therefore easy to clean.

To keep them clean use a wet sponge and regular kitchen soap to wipe the dirt off. Do not put the bags in any kind of washing or drying machine.