Comfortable from A to B

We offer a line of functional bicycle products that fill the needs of today’s bicycle commuter year-round.

Cycling is becoming an important means of transportation all around the world – many countries change their infrastructure towards the demands of cyclists. The fastest and healthiest way of getting around is often on a bicycle, which asks for accessories that can carry, protect or assist during the trip. Year-round.

Around wants to make your day to day commute more comfortable by delivering high quality functional products.

Functionality & Aesthetic

Formed for their function.

We approach the idea or our products from the simple premise of making the ride from a-to-b as comfortable as possible. This results in a line of bicycle bags, baskets and accessories that are functional, easy-to-use and weather-resistant.

We do not compromise on the functionality. We make use of clean shapes which are accentuated with high quality materials and galvanized details.